Stir in tomato paste, diced tomatoes, water, spices, and salt. Home » Rose Water & Orange Blossoms Blog – Fresh and Classic Lebanese Recipes » Stories and Recipes » Chicken, Fish, Beef, Lamb » Lebanese Green Bean Stew (yahneh or lubieh) from the expert, By Peggy Abood, special to Rose Water & Orange Blossoms. Cook and simmer over medium to low heat until lubi lubi and liempo becomes tender. Steam the sandwich until the cheese melts, about 5 minutes. My father used to ask if we were adding peas all of the time and we never did it! I also make it with chicken and peas, garlic , cinnamon, salt and pepper. She refused for years. Add the onion and sauté for 3-4 minutes. My mother in law used to make this.. so good!

1 onion Brown above ingredients together.

PS: my mother calls the rice option “Basillah e ruz”. Cook and simmer over medium to low heat until. Side note: I know it’s not Lebanese but I made an amazing Lasagna this week that I call a “4×4 Lasagna”.

lubi lubi and liempo becomes tender. Thanks!

I make it for my family all the time and they love it. David, so special and so funny too! Thank you for sharing here! I’ve made it a couple times, trying to make it like my mom’s, but thought I’d look it up online. I was #10 in a family of 11 Lebanese and grew up eating the beans, rice and kibbi although I have never had it with mushrooms. I think you will love it with peas! (1 can full) water onion garlic Tag @matchupmenu on Instagram and hashtag it #matchupmenu. There is mongo seeds with glutinous rice and grated coconuts and were pounded together. not sure how it’s spelled but it’s a mix of grated summer squash and zucchini with egg, flour mint.. do you have a recipe for something like that? button or baby bella mushrooms, cleaned and quartered Cover the pot and simmer for a few minutes to cook. each baharat, black pepper, cardamom, cumin. Top with sour cream, pepper sauce and cheese. Would you use canned or go with less than appealing fresh?

Learn how your comment data is processed. And if you are unlucky like me and my siblings and hail maternally from an allspice jurisdiction (thanks to Sitho Maroon who was actually 100% Irish yet a phenomenal Lebanese cook having trained with our “Big Sitho”) and paternally from a cinnamon jurisdiction (Sitho Gabriel has actually just become a cook in her eighties! Add the beans and cook until the beans are soft, about 15 minutes. I CANNOT wait to make this over the weekend!! Thanks Maureen.

Simmer for 40-45 minutes, or until green beans {and meat if using it} are tender, stirring occasionally. He asked me to make Lubia. I am making this dish now (known affectionately as ” loobie” at my house). Hi Maureen–If the beans seem very large and sort of hollow, go with canned or frozen. Mix well and add the tomato sauce and the water. Thank you! For years I used to enjoy this and tried to convince my (Irish) mother to try it. 1 pound green beans, washed and trimmed. Slice and chopped the leaves into 3 or 4. I grew up eating this stew- though my mom, being Irish (to my dad being Lebanese) would add some sliced potatoes to the recipe- we never had it with mushrooms. Just because we’re now all in our 40s doesn’t mean the teasing has come to an end. Add tomatoes in juice and cook until spice and onions have incorporated into the liquid. I’d be very interested in your chicken lubieh, Michael! My children loved the food growing upas well as my grandchildren do today.. This is served at the Lebanese Festival here but they put no meat in it. Heat oil in a large sauté pan on medium heat. Love, love, love it! Hi Maureen– please let Peggy know that I made this delicious dish last Sunday using her recipe and it was incredible. 1/4 kilo liempo ( slice thin ) Or you can also use Tinapa instead of pork liempo This is beautiful.

Growing up around the corner from Situ I was able to watch her prepare dinner, not realizing at the time that by helping her in the kitchen at such a young age would be ingrained in my heart and forever be a part of my future life and cooking . In our household, Sitto gave us many options for Yahneh. Or maybe right now… I’m getting hungry!

Get after the laban-making too! Over medium heat, add the mushrooms to the pot. I made it with canned beans, canned tomatoes, cinnamon and allspice. I had the pleasure of eating Yahneh at the Abood house many years ago and it was everything you describe above and more……deeee-lish!! All Rights Reserved. Mmm, can smell it now…. 3 cups coconut milk Lubia Polo is a one-pot Persian dish with rice, ground beef, green beans, tomato sauce, and curry spices. I don’t know of any Lebanese who use mushrooms in Lubieh. Cover the pot and simmer for a few minutes to cook. For some reason we don’t include gahhhlic! You are a yahneh expert! Make sure to use only the young leaves of lubi lubi. I loved the article until I read the back and forth between you, Maureen and Dick – loved that more

Season lightly with salt and pepper. Onion, Dill, Sour Cream Bread Bowls {mini boule loaves}, 35 Back to School Crockpot Recipes - A Cedar Spoon, Braised Beef and Green Bean Stew (Lebanese Lubee) - The Food Charlatan, Greek Roasted Vegetables {Briami} - A Cedar Spoon, Lebanese Beef and Green Beans - A Cedar Spoon, Chicken Feta Cheddar Pita Pitza - A Cedar Spoon, Kibbeh Recipe (Lebanese) from A Cedar Spoon, 50 Vegetarian Slow Cooker Recipes - Brooklyn Farm Girl, Mediterranean Burger with Mint Yogurt Sauce - A Cedar Spoon, Cucumber Tomato Salad with Yogurt Dressing - A Cedar Spoon. Cut up, very well done left over pot roast is my clearer memory. SYRIAN PEPPER (DA’A) black pepper, white pepper, nutmeg, ground cloves, cinnamon and allspice. And when the request came in from Tom for the recipe, who was the first one running to her laptop to type out the recipe? I never thought to make it with Beef. How cool. Adjust seasonings to taste as well as salt and pepper. For vegetarian yaheneh, use mushrooms in place of the meat, very delicious! Aha! 4 years ago. E. Ellen, I am so excited to hear this!!! Add DRAINED green beans - cover and cook for at least 10 minutes. ALL: As Maureen knows I am working with memories of a friend who made a tonne of amazing Lebanese cuisine. SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!! Add liempo and pour coconut milk. It brought back an age-old discussion in our Lebanese community here in Lawrence: does one season lubee with cinnamon or allspice? In a pot, transfer lubi lubi leaves, add 1 teaspoon of bagoong alamang, garlic and onion. So when I typed it up your site pops up.

I’ve never had it with mushrooms, but think I’ll try it!

In the summertime they swap the warm spices for lots of basil. Enjoy your delicious stew and a wonderful Christmas with your family. If I remember correctly, Del Monte canned green beans made their way into this dish more often than not in the Abood household. Technique: How to cook potatoes perfectly for salad, Rose Water & Orange Blossoms Blog – Fresh and Classic Lebanese Recipes, “A terrific and important book!” — Anthony Bourdain. Suhtyne! Count me on on that heaven! cans tomato sauce It’s such a simple dish to make, and comfort food at it’s finest! I loved reading your blog and enjoyed hearing about you and your siblings. I’ve never had lubieh with mushrooms, but my sister’s Lebanese husband and mother-in-law have always made a veggie version with chickpeas instead of beef or lamb. You guessed it, Maureen. I’ve seen recipes which call for a ton of garlic, too.

I don’t know if it’s exactly like the falafel molds we see (google the molds and you can compare!) Be sure to turn them and watch closely as they burn quickly - about 2 minutes. Sure, it’s a dish usually made with leftovers, more an afterthought than a direct destination, but it’s delicious nonetheless. And when the request came in from Tom for the recipe, who was the first one running to her laptop to type out the recipe? Teresa, you made my DAY! Thank you so much for sharing!

I love this dish and the way it fills up my kitchen with a delicious aroma, reminding me of sitting in my Tate’s kitchen waiting to help serve dinner!

I’d love to try it with chicken and peas. Steam the sandwich until the cheese melts, about 5 minutes. Sometimes I put cut up potatoes but as my aunt told me, her mother did not do that and it was not the real thing.. Add cumin and olive oil and remove from heat. To the same pan, add garlic, cumin and cinamon and sautee another 2 minutes. You change out that full teaspoon cinnamon (yes) for cumino and you will be the only one eating your yahneh……, Mother says: “Richard, back then we didn’t have fresh beans in Lansing in the middle of winter..”. I might need to try that next! 1 3 lb. I really truly thought that this dish was as all American as apple pie. Serve over Lebanese rice, which is long grain white rice with a handful of toasted thin pasta added to the rice (about 10 dry noodles broken into 2” pieces; angel hair, spaghetti, or linguini all work well). Wife, mom to three growing boys, lover of food. 1 teaspoon cinnamon Hoagie buns, hamburger meat, provolone cheese, jalapenos, mayo mustard.

Add liempo and pour coconut milk. Add the meat and the cinnamon. Got your response to my post and am here. It’s good too. Hi, Maureen: I asked my brother Chuck what he would like me to make for our Sunday dinner at his house today. In a 4 quart pan, over medium-high heat, heat the oil. 1 medium onion, coarsely chopped My father worked at Pontiac Motors in Michigan, as a tool and die maker, which contributed to his talent of many “handmade” items, (I have a frame made of brass, with 50 caliber shells, from WWII), that holds favorite photos of dad and mother………..Thank you. I season with cinnamon and no alspice but I do use fresh garlic. 1 teaspoon alamang Thanks so much and tell your family hello–what a wonderful sister you are, cooking for all of the family. I’ll give it a try.

In a pot, transfer lubi lubi leaves, add 1 teaspoon of bagoong alamang, garlic and onion. So at least for tonight it was allspice! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I have eaten this dish all my life. I do also make it vegetarian for some of my friends and it is almost as good . Serve warm over rice or quinoa with a side of pita bread and yogurt. Make sure to use only the young leaves of lubi lubi. This is still one of my favorites! Add tomatoes in juice and cook until spice and onions have incorporated into the liquid. 1/4 kilo liempo ( slice thin ) Or you can also use Tinapa instead of pork liempo. I’m sure its good but are mushrooms something you added? And lastly, if making vegetarian, would you just omit the beef or add something else instead? It seemed like a warm, nurturing comfort food. . Pile 1/4-pound of ground beef onto the bottom half of a sub roll. Reading some of them warmed my heart and brought back memories of my long gone sitoo.

You guessed it, Maureen.

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