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Happy riding! Even as entry-level tires there is still a lot to like here.

Considering it can be deployed on front and rear wheels, that is pretty good decent value for such a well-designed tire with multiple applications.

It’s important to find a tyre that suits your riding style and your main riding activity and not just buy a tyre that claims to be the best one for your bike. You can check the size of your tyres against the size written on the sidewall of your vehicle tyre. Discover more. In the event of rain on race day, Pirelli offers dedicated tyre solutions such as the DIABLO™ Rain for full wet conditions and the DIABLO™ Wet for intermediate situations. In short, I was glad to give the red beast back in one piece. THE ULTIMATE RACING REPLICA GENERATION .

The wrong tyre will dent your confidence. FOLLOW YOUR LEANINGS . I took the picture above while on a trackday at Spa. Typically employed on off-road bikes, they can also often be mounted to the front or rear of the bike. The Pilot Road series has something of a cult following and for good reason. For off-road competition the SCORPION™ MX range is designed for Motocross, the SCORPION™ Pro F.I.M. That should be more than sufficient for the engine power of any bike riding on 19-inch rims.

In practice, this is most likely to be done by on an off-road style of bike. Get up to £80 Shopping Vouchers with Goodyear tyres!

A road-focused tyre like a Metzeler Sportec Street, Michelin Pilot Street Radial or Maxxis Promaxx. ... Buy 2 or more Pirelli Tyres between 1 st July 2020 and 11.59pm on 30th September 2020 and claim up to £60 of Love2Shop e-vouchers when you purchase two or more Pirelli tyres.

Motorcycles you’d expect to see running a Touring tyre: Yamaha FJR1300, Kawasaki Z1000SX, BMW R1200RT. It used to be that if you rode a superbike on the road or track, nothing but a Sports tyre would do. The rear tire is designed to withstand the pushing forces generated by being attached to the wheel that the motor drives. It’s a real kick in the – wait a minute here it is as a rear option too! Designed for off-road recreation and racing, our tyres are developed with feedback from riders with impressive 68 World titles in the FIM Motocross World Championships. Whatever your bike already has is probably the best style of tire for it anyway – that’s why the bike manufacturer put that style of a tire on the model you ride. It gave me little feedback. Crosssing white lines and over-banding the bike starts to track a little – not to the point that it scares me, but that flatter centre profile has made a noticeable difference to the handling when upright. Check out Pirelli Moto: tradition, technology and innovation for motorcyclists. Thousands of bikers are tip-toeing around on the wrong tyres because they’ve not been honest with themselves about the type of rider they are or the conditions they ride in. Choose 'Pay in 3 or 'Pay Later' at checkout. While I haven’t had the ZX-6R on track yet, I have had my knee down with it; the GT IIs I have on there have been absolutely faultless, giving me more than enough confidence to push on. This is the rear tyre on the Kawasaki Versys 1000 after about 5,500 miles – it’s squaring off but still works fine.

That’s about it really. What’s the best motorcycle battery and how do I charge it? For riders who like to venture off the beaten path, Pirelli has a wide range of tyres of dual sport options. Browse Metzeler’s new technical data book. Claim up to £100, when you buy Michelin Tyres, Minimum spend £99. There are a lot of tire brands on the market today and we’ve taken a look at most of the big players in our product guide above. ABOUT TYRES; MOTORCYCLE TYRES KNOWLEDGE; TYRE TECHNOLOGY ; MOUSSE & GEL; DOWNLOAD DIABLO™ SUPER BIKER APP.

I ride a Harley-Davidson or other large cruiser.

Bennetts Motorcycling Services Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (reg no. Pirelli scooter tyres make short work of the urban sprawl, whatever the style. For the money, you are getting a very good tire that should be especially appealing if you live in a particularly wet region. DISCOVER DIABLO … Back in the real world, run-flats are a common fitment to modern cars. These knobbly-looking Dual Sport tyres are essentially exactly the same as a Sports Touring tyre in terms of their carcass and construction but the Dual Sports have a more pronounced ‘off-road’ tread pattern. Do they make motorcycle run-flat tyres?In the car world, run-flat tyres have been the mainstay for over a decade. The rider’s most likely to be seen: Wheeling their bike out of a van at their local trackday or heading to their favourite biker cafe on their weekend blast.

Are you ready for the next level? Described by Shinko as a staggered pattern, you can certainly see that this design has been carefully produced to help slick water away from the tire surface and provide grip on difficult road surfaces. At the same time, it is designed to provide outstanding ride comfort and stability – just like any good touring tire. It may lack an eye-grabbing big name manufacturers logo on the sidewall, but this is still a very good tire for a very reasonable price. Date reviewed: May 2020 | Tested by: John Milbank | Price: From £203 (GT) & £235 (GTII) but check with your fitter | . So a tyre with the code 3419 was made in the thirty-fourth week of 2019. Yes, just like the entry from Shinko we saw earlier, this style of tire – the ContiMotion – is available as a set of front and rear tires for your hog. If you don’t have paddock stands, then pump the tyres up to their maximum pressures and as silly as it sounds, roll the bike onto some carpet to keep the tyres from being subjected to extremely cold conact. All the action of the motorbike goes through them, so they better be up to the task.

Here in the UK, the legal requirement is that the tyre tread depth be no less than 1.0mm around the circumference of the middle three quarters of the tyre. This is still a great value tire, with the price of round 75 bucks reflecting the natural fact that rear tires are always bigger and heavier than front ones. Thank you, we have added your choice to the basket. A motorcycle tyre’s load index is a numerical code that corresponds to the maximum weight a tyre can support. I only do trackdays but I want grip and good wear. MEDIA GALLERY . It doesn’t matter how effective your brakes or how powerful your engine – if you tires can’t handle the job that motorcycle is going to give a terrible ride. {{tyre.fronts.width}} / {{tyre.fronts.profile}} R{{tyre.fronts.rimSize}} {{tyre.fronts.speed}} for Enduro and the SCORPION™ XC for Cross Country. As promised our next set is this pair of Pirelli tires. On the other hand, a tube tire is easier to repair. It is represented by 3 bars with a single bar being the lowest level of noise.

Still, I’d say I could get another 1,000 miles out of it, but as with all rubber, it doesn’t feel as good now. Well, how about that, after just meeting Shinko they are back again with another entry. What Is The Legal Requirement For Tyre Tread Depth?Here in the UK, the legal requirement is that the tyre tread depth be no less than 1.0mm around the circumference of the middle three quarters of the tyre. It has excellent grip etching to match the front tire, it has the same 4-ply carcass construction and is H rated for safe use at speeds up to 130 MPH.

Don’t take that as a slight against Bridgestone though, it’s more that there are actually so many great motorcycle tire brands out there. The Pirelli Angel GTs are designed as sport-touring tyres, but that doesn’t mean they’re only suitable for long distances at steady speeds. `. Over the course of this list, we will be looking at Moto Tires and we will be looking at Pirelli Tires, but it only seems right that we start out with a tire from Michelin. A:  The first thing to do is to keep an eye on the mileage being put on the tire, though you also need an idea of the endurance of your tire. You have selected, Basket total: £{{model.basket.totalValue | number:2}}. However it’s less about the release agent used to get the tyre out of the mould. NHS and Keyworker Discounts. What makes them vintage though? A radial tire has cords that run from bead to bead, i.e. As mentioned, my 21-year-old sports 600 rides fantastic on the Pirelli Angel GT IIs, and so does the Kawasaki Versys 1000. This isn’t the rule for all older models of bikes, so make sure that your model is one with identical front and rear designs. Depending on your bike, you will be able to run either Cross Ply or Radial tyres.

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