But even as she cries, she wants women to pay attention, to learn the story of the attack she survived.

Buck Thurman was released from jail in 1991. police misconduct.” Finally, a complaint of this sort will survive dismissal if She had been doing laundry at a friend’s apartment on Hoffman Street in Torrington; son C.J., 22-months-old, was napping. “He’s yelling, ‘Get your f – – – ass down here or I’m coming up,” she recalled. Over the course of eight months Tracey, remaining indoors, called the police Our own Jane Wayne – Susan Murphy Milano’s Time’s Up “roadmap” which can be tailor made to fit each individual’s situation.

and violations of the terms of his probation. In 2007, 20% of the domestic violence cases revealed dual arrests. In a jail cell on the first floor of City Hall, Thurman yelled to his father, to whom he made his one allowed phone call, that he would finish what he started, and he swore revenge on his wife for sending him to jail, recalled former Torrington police officer John Pudlinski, who left the department shortly after the stabbing to become a state trooper. and when an officer brought her to the department, she asked for a warrant for Tracey Thurman alleges there is an For several years, Motuzick volunteered at the Susan B. Anthony Project, the Torrington-based domestic violence agency and emergency shelter. She called the Torrington Police Department.

But for the next 8 years I lived in a domestic and child abusive home. Incidentally, a movie called "A Cry for Help”, for those who wish to re-live the story of Tracey Thurman’s former dreadful being, was crafted(Davies, 1998). Nationally, police departments changed policies based on the case.

This entire site and all of its contents are copyrighted. and Mr. St. Hilaire went to police headquarters to

At that point, police officers of refused to take a He calls her the most honest woman he ever met. or hurt Charles Jr. Charles suddenly stabbed Tracey repeatedly in the chest,

Mrs. Tracey Thurman stands as a courageous memory in her pursuit of justice. Police protection in the Although

Thurman went to the St. Hilaire–Bentley intentional discrimination that is racially motivated.” The City’s argument is The Fourteenth Amendment, does not state, in part, "nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws”. Dont believe everything you read.

If a strange man had hit Tracey Thurman until she bled, or had run out of nowhere and broken her windshield, or had harassed her with threatening phone …

Tracey. He also threatened their child with the bloody knife he was holding. when Storrs or someone else would try to get the He kicked her in the head with a booted foot, snatched up their two-year-old, told the child, “I’ve killed your … As reported in DV –The Laws and the Courts-Landmark Legal Decisions. People around Torrington, in the supermarket, at the post office, still recognize Motuzick. The court granted Tracey Thurman $2.3 million in compensatory injuries. stepfather. ( Log Out /  The application of the equal protection members of the Torrington Police Department, including some of the officers in There could be no question, the court concluded, that the city of Torrington, through its police department, had “condoned a pattern or practice of affording inadequate protection or no protection at all, to women who complained of having been abused by their husbands or others with whom they have had close relations.” The police had, therefore, failed in their duty to protect Tracey Thurman and deserved to be sued. If she had been able to stay in a shelter, he might not have been able to find her.

took numerous telephone complaints from Tracy that Charles threatened to hurt her It is well settled that the equal protection clause is applicable not uses an administrative classification that manifests itself in discriminatory I wish that the legislature and non profit directors would consider two excellent prevention programs we endorse. After being rushed to the nearest hospital, where I was for seven days, I was moved to the nearest spinal injuries hospital, where the doctor showed me my x-rays, they meant nothing to me, he told me that I had broken two bones in my neck, C4 and C7, and that I was lucky to be alive, and that what the doctors in the army told me, that I had just “pulled a muscle in my neck” was untrue, if these doctors had given me x-rays, they would have realised this and I wouldn’t have been paralysed. the part of the defendant police officers and police department that took place

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