Secret Valentines:  Select another student’s name for each student (boys to boys, girls to boys, girls to girls) and have them write super cheesy valentines to their secret valentine. According to a Pew Research Center report, an estimated 37.6 million people in the U.S. speak Spanish as their first language; in 2060, analysts predict the United States will have 128.8 million people for whom Spanish is their native language, thus turning the country into the world’s largest Spanish-speaking country ( Sentences or short paragraphs are fine, but avoid long compositions until they are more confident and competent with their communication skills. document.write( new Date().getUTCFullYear() ); See the thing about listening and speaking is that, they are interconnected, that means by learning one you learn about the other one too. — 3 years ago, Blog: Iran, how much do you really know?Tags: Erasmus tips. ., Fuimos a, Vi, Vimos, Fue  muy divertido, muy interesante, un viaje fantástico.).

"If I just study the vocabulary, I'll be FINE, mom!". 07 May 2015. Ten Reasons Why You Should Learn Spanish Essay; Ten Reasons Why You Should Learn Spanish Essay.

You can learn more about the book and also check out his posts on his website. Not only because of the sound of it, pronunciations and the articulation but also because it is new to them. Writing and speaking will be improved through composition and class and discussions of cultural/contemporary issues. Studying Spanish nowadays is a good choice, especially for U.S. students. They send you emails from time to time with their featured articles.

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The essays in our library are intended to serve as content examples to inspire you as you write your own essay. Teaching Spanish Writing Using Templates for High School, Middle School Students. We basically just talked and conversed about different topics while correcting each other’s mistakes. }. Mon expérience d'apprentissage de la langue Espagnole, Meine Erfahrung beim Erlernen der Spanischen Sprache, Moja przygoda z nauka języka hiszpańskiego, Mijn ervaring om de Spaanse taal te leren, Emotional Support Animal Registration Nationwide USA. How to get extra income with freelance writing? It works in a very simply way, you sign up, start your lessons either from complete beginner or any other level and then just like playing a game, you fill in the blanks, make sentences and get scores for it.

Access my Free Resource Library and get 50 Free Games! The example essays in Kibin's library were written by real students for real classes. In this series on teaching Spanish writing skills, we’ve discussed using templates to model good writing, as well as the importance of Spanish transition words to decrease choppiness. Keeping this in mind, the most effective way to acquire these skills are by watching a lot of videos or movies in that language. ACCESS ENGAGING LESSON PLANS IN MY FREE RESOURCE LIBRARY! I was completely satisfied with it; you can purchase the book from Amazon or any other well-known book store. Watching the news is a very effective learning method, mostly because they are a lot of new vocabulary and news anchors talk very cohesively and properly. margin-right: 40%; It's super cool. Although many Americans are secretly afraid to try learning a foreign language, it is not that difficult—and Spanish is rather simple, especially in terms of pronunciation and spelling (although grammar might sometimes be a little tricky).

You can travel to a Spanish-speaking country and really get to know the culture. I don’t really suggest using Google translate when you are a beginner because it's not really precise and their translations are very subjective.

Journal Writing with Prompts:  Give students a new prompt for each writing session.

Now these featured articles are so good and interesting that I always find myself opening them anyway. Saba Jalali The same emphasis that Spanish I and 2 had in pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, useful phrases and the ability to understand read, write, listen and speak simple Spanish will be continue in this course. Hispanics are the largest minority in the United States, with the majority of them being Spanish speakers. Uncover new sources by reviewing other students' references and bibliographies, Inspire new perspectives and arguments (or counterarguments) to address in your own essay. Their website is the definition of innovate and interactive learning. Language exchange is basically like two people who communicate with one another so each one of them can learn a new language. It improves your reading, writing and overall understanding of the Spanish language. Dedicated staff helping students succeed inside and outside of the classroom. I'm riveted by what we might learn. Retell a Fairy Tale:  Students write out a traditional fairy tale, but change some of the details to give it a funny twist. There are a lot of other tools, but I'm going to wrap it up here since it's getting late, it's almost 5 AM here and I'm officially a zombie. 07 May 2015. English is spoken in both Americas (mostly), Europe, Slavic countries, and even India; only China, Japan, and some other far east countries have problems with the English language. For the United States, Spanish is not a foreign language anymore.

Pass out an index card and have students draw/print and paste photos of the scenery on one side and describe their vacation on the other. background-color: #F14B4B; Learning a foreign language actually helps keep your memory sharp. I took Spanish in high school and the early start meant I took AP Spanish my junior year, although I only passed with a 3, meaning that I essentially tested out of 1.5 years of college-level Spanish. If you have ever traveled to another country, you might have experienced problems with communicating with local population. My attempts to learn Spanish taught me a lesson of greater importance than the language itself.

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