please add these brahmin cast in uttarakhand state brahmin list. More likely is migration from North-west India (where there is a desert) or even beyond Himalayas, where natural productivity of land is comparatively lesser. Surname ram , caste Brahmin please tell me the gatro, living now in Malaysia. It was removed due to being too far fetched without proper citations. Which is why Karhades are far less in number (<100,000) compared to the overall population of India, even today.

Came from northern India between 5th-15 th century. There are no gowda saraswatha brahmana surnames mentioned above.Kindly,see to it, GSB Brahmins generally have surnames such as Bhat, Nayak, Hegde, Prabhu, Mallya etc, Hey it's very nice compilation.But u have forgotten to mention the tradition of brahmins of Odisha which is almost intact like Tamilnadu and Maharashtra.Here Brahmins are still revered respectfully as before and hold high positions in government offices.
Resolve the disparity in importance rankings among different ethnic groups, Category:Unassessed Ethnic groups articles, Category:Ethnic groups articles needing merge action, Category:Ethnic groups articles needing infoboxes, Category:Ethnic groups articles needing reassessment, Category:Ethnic groups articles needing attention, Wikipedia:WikiProject Ethnic groups/Article requests,,,,,,,, C-Class Maharashtra articles of Mid-importance, Unknown-importance Ethnic groups articles, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This article has not yet received a rating on the project's. They were not readily accepted in southwest Maharashtra, and they ended up on the westerly slopes of the Sahyadri range,an area which was still not densely populated. Karhaḍe Brahmins (also spelled as Karada Brahmins or Karad Brahmins) are a Hindu Brahmin sub-caste mainly from the Indian state of Maharashtra.[1]. The Sinda Kings used the prefix करहाटपुरवराधीश्वर, implying more or less the same meaning.

The reality is so stark that it can be seen even with one's eyesclosed. You have missed out lot of brahmin's surnames from Karnataka which are listed below:JoshiKulkarniDeshmukhDeshpandePurohitPurandareDixitHegde/HegadeNayakRaoSharmaBhardwaj etc.BTW, I'm not a brahmin by birth, Saraswats must be written in one category as they are from common ansestry as well as culture all keshmiri, punjabi , most of marathi and goa , and also few in Rajasthan & oddisian brahmins are saraswat brahmin.

I'm Goa bhramin Keni and​ I live in Kankavli, Maharashtra.Keni&kini is also a bhramin surname. But their origins being in Varhaad or any other part of North-East India is highly unlikely. Karhade Brahmins are essentially Rigvedi Brahmins who follow the Ashwalayana Sutra.[2]. A quick googling of their last names can provide plenty of evidence of this fact. Information about eminent Karhade Brahmin personalities.

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