Lady Killer – he is good looking and many women check him out. 25 July 2014. Honey Cakes – he likes cakes you like cakes why not. "Dispersal of Plecia Nearctica (Diptera: Bibionidae)." 43. Mon Coeur –French translates to my heart. Subscribe To Our Newsletter! Love Bear – he is big and cuddly full of love. Sexual Selection in the Lovebug, *Plecia nearctica*: The role of male choice. Remember, a nickname means more if it is personal between the two of you and if he doesn’t like mushy nicknames like lamb chop then stick to the classics like babe or hun. As the lovebug migrated around the Gulf Coast, first to Texas, then Louisiana, then further eastward, the initial populations for many years were so excessive that they caused public concern and initiated rumors of their origin. Wolverine – he is tenacious and will fight for you always. Baccha – hindi for males, meaning baby the female version would be Bacchi. 83: 94–96. [15] However, Thornhill (1976c) recorded recapture data that showed males lived longer in the field than females.[2]. [2], Urban legend holds that lovebugs are synthetic—the result of a University of Florida genetics experiment gone wrong.

Origin of Lovebug.

Thornhill, Randy. If you want to use it as a pet name the urban dictionary says it would represent respect for something that has exceeding value. Dreamlover –  he is everything you been dreaming of in a lover. Amorcito – Spanish translates to my little love. 1970a. Fwb keeps saying he’s not sure when I bring up the relationship talk ?

Peanut – if he is small or short and cute.

Lovebug – Plecia Nearctica Hardy. Moonbeam – because when he looks at you, it’s like moonbeams surrounding you.

Ma love is a one side love… I m loving my baby for 2 yrs.. Braveheart – he is brave and courageous and stands up for what he believes in. Zeus – A God you can really boost his self-worth this one. Doll Face –  cause he has that clean smooth face. There are not any health risks to humans, and disease cannot be transmitted through them. Treasure – he is your treasure so don’t let him forget it. During and after mating, matured pairs remain together, even in flight, for up to several days. Typically used as a nickname for Beatrice and other names with a B. Butterfly. Right. … Read More... about Participate in Research. Toots – similar to babe, sweetie, or honey. Snuggy Huggy – not only does he like to snuggle, he likes to hug. Mr.

Sunshine – he brought sunshine into your life. You will have a few to try out and see how he likes them, if he doesn’t like any of those, come back to the list and try again!

Dashing – he is dashing and needs to know you find him so. This is partly because the larval form of this insect is seldom seen, as it lives and feeds in the thatch of grasses for most of the year.

Your email address will not be published. During and after mating, matured pairs remain together, even in flight, for up to several days.

[14] A male lovebug copulates and will remain paired up until the female has been fully fertilized. Their body chemistry has a nearly neutral 6.5 pH but may become acidic at 4.25 pH if left on the car for a day. Italian Stallion – you find him extremely hot and well built. My Better Half – he brings out the better parts of you. Mon Ciel étoilé – French translates to my starry sky. Jelly Bean – he may act hard but he has a soft heart. Adult females live only three to four days, while males live a little longer. While various fungi are suspected of being natural controls for this species,[2] biological control of these non-pest flies is not a priority for funding. Do men often fantasize on their female friends . It means he thinks you're a creepy insect that he wants to destroy. Darling – an oldie that stands today. Lv 6. International Interest Also see international interest. Web. My All – because he is everything to you. He’s attracted to me but doesn’t want a relationship? [8] Because airborne lovebugs can exist in enormous numbers near highways, they die in large numbers on automobile windshields, hoods, and radiator grills when the vehicles travel at high speeds. ProQuest. 2. the love of my … Mon Beau – French translates to my beautiful one.

L. A. Hetrick, writing in 1970, found the bug was also widespread in central and northern Florida and described its flights as reaching altitudes of 300 to 450 metres (980 to 1,480 ft) and extending several kilometers over the Gulf. ok so my boyfriends name is tyler and i dont think any of those fit him at all what should i call him. Reproductive behavior of the lovebug, Plecia nearctica (Diptera: Bibionidae). 42.

Still have questions? Blue meets Truett. Sparky – if he is full of energy, ready to go at a moment’s notice then this might be a good one for him. Wiktionary love +‎ bug.

Adorable  – or you can add to it with Adorable Angel. Origin and Meaning of Lovebug Submit the origin and/or meaning of Lovebug to us below. Mon Bébé D’amour – French translates to my baby love. Wuggle Bear – for the big guy who likes to wuggle. 1983. Biology of the "love-bug," Plecia nearctica (Diptera: Bibionidae).

Angel of Love – he is your angel of love so let him know – maybe you had given up on love until you met him. Muscles – he is well built and you like that. Love bug – she is your love and cute as a bug if you find bugs cute that is. Pooh Bear – like pooh he is cute and cuddly. Pookie Bear – you find him cute as well as big and strong. Find out below. 1.

If this defines your man, this might be the name for him. Joy – she brings you joy. Southern Comfort – cuz he is smooth and sweet just like the drink. Flame – because he sets your heart a flame.

It is also known as the honeymoon fly or double-headed bug. Check out our other article: Good Questions To Ask A Guy To Really Get To Know Him. Thornhill, R. 1976c. Meaning and Origin. Hieber, C., J. Cohen. Huggaboo – this is new but he is huggable and cute so it fits. Buschman showed that migration explained the introduction of the lovebug into Florida and other southeastern states, contrary to the urban myth that the University of Florida created them by manipulating DNA to control mosquito populations.[3]. Hottie –  you find him sizzling what better way to say it. Don’t fret, we have a huge list of cute nicknames for guys, say them out loud to see how they sound, and choose two or three in case he doesn’t like one you have chosen.

The name given to the girl that has you completely head over heels in love with her. Could be a nickname for Abital, Bartel, Bertille, Bentley or Bristol. If you are looking for a solution for your herpes, you can solve your problem here Additionally, participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links. Mr. Adorable – simply put you find him totally adorable.

[3], Research by L.L. Not usually used as a name. Num Nums – you find him totally scrumptious. The Florida Entomologist 57.1 (1980): 45. Pudding Pie – maybe he likes pudding pie or the color of his eyes remind you of your favorite pudding pie. 38.

love bug. Ace –   he is your ace that trumps all the other guys. Sunny Boy – he brings sunshine everywhere. But your boyfriend probably meant it as a term of endearment. But your boyfriend probably meant it as a term of endearment. Mr. Love Bug – there really is a bug called the love bug. Fits in with Sunshine, Rainbow and Tigerlily.

Super Stud –  he is your stud and to you he is super so tell him so. [4] At that time, he reported the incidence of lovebugs to be widespread, but most common in Texas, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. Precioso Mío – Spanish meaning my precious. Zany – he has a weird sense of humor but you get it. Mr. Night Rider – tall, dark, and handsome. Bumpkin or Country Bumpkin – if he is from the country.


Main Man – this tells him of all the men in your life, family or friends that he is the main man in your life. LOL Personally, I think I’d go with “My Ty” but that’s just me. University of Florida/IFAS Extension, 15 Jan. 2007. Snicker Doodles – like the cookie he is yummy and sweet. The love bug (Plecia nearctica) is a species of march fly found in parts of Central America and the southeastern United States, especially along the Gulf Coast.

The love bug (Plecia nearctica) is a species of march fly found in parts of Central America and the southeastern United States, especially along the Gulf Coast. Lover Boy – he’s good looking and your lover. Raindrop – because like rain drops he is a force of nature to you and your personal growth. Much speculation about the lovebug still thrives. Strudelman – he is like strudel with many sweet layers to him.

Lovebug Means. L’amour De Ma Vie – French translates to Love of my life. Angel Face – he has that sweet angelic face. So while it’s a bug, it still a cute name for your guy.

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