Transformer Table - The Future of your Living Room, We purchased the table, benches and coffee table, Company is unable to deliver products for more than 6 months, Gorgeous table, a lot of unsustainable packaging. I understand Covid has made things difficult, but a little more communication from the seller that there would be a delay would have been appreciated. The bench is amazing too and I love how it tucks under the console table when not in use.

Note that the legs are wider than most tables, so you should account for that with chair spacing. Not having a table was the least of my concerns during that time but I was just eager to know when it was coming.

I love my new table. 4.68 AVG 349 reviews Bring beauty and more function to your living area with the Transformer Coffee Table. Seamless set up. Hot. Save $299 when you add another bench to your order making it the Ultimate Dining Set! That same night I got a response back and a phone call the next day. My townhouse dining area is small and the console table fits nicely and looks sleek and modern!Living on my own, i don't even need a dining table, but when my large family visits, my new transformer table is a dream to set up and seat the crowd. Also yes. The Transformer Table 3.0 collection offers a host of features and benefits including quality craftsmanship, stunning finishes, space-saving solutions and more.

See why our customers love their Transformer Table. I ordered a table and bench early May 2020 with expected delivery in July 2020. Features & Benefits. Join. The versatility is amazing from a desk to a huge “gathering” table in minutes! The paint is nice, all the panels line up well, and all the latches lock perfectly.

We are very satisfied and have shown the table via Zoom and FaceTime to many people (rave reviews!).

Posted by. The pleasant delivery fellow set the skid of product, safely inside my garage.Any communication I've had with the company has been so friendly and courteous.

The kickstarter version, Mekton Zero might be of interesting, although it's not released yet. It meets my needs perfectly. What a table though! While I was dissatisfied with the lack of communication, I do understand that everyone was impacted by COVID and staying on top of communications along with everything else was overwhelming and challenging for several months .

TT has solid products.

Use one table for all your needs with the Transformer Table 2.0 6-in-1 Hardwood Table.

I do not like much clutter, so I planned on keeping it as compact as possible; however, with the new "work from home normal," I have two panels on the table and one on the benches, and it works great! It is so impressive - I’m keeping it at its full length - it looks/fits well in my 1100 square foot condo! They're apparently planning miniatures and a lot of supplement books for various types of big robot gaming.

Most Versatile Table You`ll Ever Own in HARDWOOD.

The kids LOVE the bench. I received no info from the sellers, I had to call monthly to figure out when the table was coming. This table is exactly what we needed in our new home as it fit very well in the space for our everyday dining table but also worked great when we had our family come over as it was very easy to expand to fit everyone around one table!My only negative comment for my experience to give 3 stars is that the delivery took many months and communication of when to expect delivery or updates on the delivery was poor.

Absolutely amazing customer service from beginning to end. We extended it for the extra 2 people and shrunk it back to the perfect size for our family. Stickied post.

Please note that we do not offer inside delivery, especially during the pandenic. The wait was super long and of course because of the pandemic there were further delays. They were easy to assemble and seem to be high-quality furniture that looks gorgeous in our home. Each time I called it was like pulling teeth to speak with someone via chat or on the phone. New.

It is beautiful, everything we wanted for our small space. card.

If I calculate the price and the complete poor service from beginning to end.

I have the patio furniture as well and my family is happy with them both.It really was worth the wait.

The Transformer Table 2.0 can extend up to a 12 seater table.

6 Months$ Financing. All in all, I would recommend this table to others.

Table is 5 stars, communication/customer service resulted in the 4 star overall review. Transformer Expandable Dining Table in Hardwood 3.0 The table is beautiful and they were amazing when dealing with us.

It’s all practical and lovely to look at. Like many others the wait was a bit long with no communication (ordered in June, delivery expected in July and arrived in October) but when I reached out to them for updates and delivery changes the customer service was excellent. It took a little while to arrive, but we are thrilled with it and get a ton of compliments. Great service when dealing with orders and follow up. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the transformers community, Press J to jump to the feed.

It looks beautiful in my kitchen and it’s so sturdy!

Save $199 when you add a bench to your order making it the Dining Set! I remember reading the rules from the 1996 book, and they seemed pretty straight forward, but I only had the core book, and with just that it would've required a lot of work creating adventures and world building, so I never got around to playing it.

Top. Highly recommend everything was perfect :) !!!

You will not regret it, just be patient.

I do hope that improvements are made in terms of response rates and delievery updates because when we were able to speak with someone the employee was very pleasant and helpful. We love our table, I can’t wait for a patio version to be completed, we will definitely purchase. Yes. Sounds like mainly the tables were delayed in production. This is superb quality and I look forward to adding more pieces. Genius product with great customer service. I don't know about you, but 4 months in the waiting with NO sing of getting any product anytime soon, started to look like a scam or bankruptcy (due to COVID).Finally I got a call saying my order was ready for shipping and that a 3rd party delivery company would call me and they did, the next day.Now, at the price this product is, the free shipping is great and expected. From 18'' to 10 feet the Transformer Table is a multi-functional and space saving dream come true for all spaces.

Everyone is surprised to watch the transformation!I'm happy with the fine workmanship, as it's very heavy and well constructed.The delivery of my table and bench went well and even was a week ahead of schedule, considering the challenges involved during the Covid-19 pandemic. Our kids cannot wait to have friends over for bday parties at this new table too!

We finally received our delivery in August.

We love our tables and benches. r/ transformers. One of my favourite things about my table and bench is that it is made in Canada! News.

The idea is that if you go to a furniture store and buy a table, it’s likely that you will end up with one that doesn’t fit your needs or accommodate the number of guests you intend to have, but that this table fits both needs. Please note the expected delivery date for this order is January 25-29, 2021.

I went with the payment plan route so I didn't shell out any cash upfront (and just paid it in full when it actually came) which made the wait bearable, just glad I kept my original table longer (rescheduled it being donated)When notice finally came, I did contact them about possibly adding a bench, figured I would have an additional lengthy delay if I continued to wait to see how I liked the table first.

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