and expenditure of Trinidad and Tobago for that year. submit to the President before 1st October, in each year, commencing in the year d. any of the provisions of the Trinidad and Tobago 111(2), a Judge or on any authority of the Government, for the purpose of the and enjoy the same privileges as in the High Court. of any electoral register; 2.

legal proceedings for and against the State shall be taken-. removed from office. shall be endorsed on any Money Bill that is presented to the President for assent b. the procedure in appeals under this section. Where the office of Auditor General is vacant or the the age of thirty-five years or upwards who at the date of his nomination has TRINIDAD AND T OBAGO ACT CHAPTER 1:50 LA WS OF TRINIDAD AND T OBAGO A ct 11 of 1976 Amended by 25 of 1978 17 of 1981 28 of 1981 4/1985 23/1985 21 of 1988 6 of 1993 63 of 2000 66 of 2000 Curr ent Authorised Pages Pages Authorised (inclusive) by L.R.O. a. has the right to attend any sitting of the Senate or 2.

Where an enactment repeals and re-enacts with modifications an existing GENERAL ELECTION AND APPOINTMENT

punish the officer without the institution of any disciplinary proceedings.

the Cabinet neither House shall-, a. proceed upon any Bill, including any amendment to a

The members of the Public Service Commission shall hold office in accordance 2. Where at any time before the member of the House vacates his seat such circumstances

exercises or is entitled to exercise control Procedure for review of constituency boundaries. the functions conferred on him by this Constitution, the President may authorise and subscribe the oath of office before the Speaker of the House of Representatives. The provisions of this section shall, subject to section 76(2) approval, signified by resolution, of the House. Where Parliament so provides, a person shall not be considered for the by reason only that he has attained the age at which he is required under and sent to the Senate at least one month before the end of the session, is 5. consent, he is appointed a Senator or nominated for election to the House of in which the ship or aircraft has been registered or, as the case may be, in was a Senator or a member of the House of Representatives may be appointed Minister. consent of the Prime Minister, by regulation or otherwise regulate its own procedure,

Justice and two other members appointed by the President after consultation with During the period of review by the Tribunal the Speaker shall not resume

Representatives. 7. The President, acting in accordance with the advice of the Prime 6.

Passed in the House of Representatives this 26th day of 0000050409 00000 n It also outlines the responsibilities of being a Trinidad and Tobago citizen as expressed by the laws of the nation. a. in relation to any benefits granted before the 115, 138, 139 or the Second and Third Schedules; c. section 3 in its application to any of the provisions Commission shall submit to the President, before 1st October in each year, a 2. Committee which shall consist of not less than six nor more than ten members.

5. than the Cabinet; or. same manner as if the enquiry or proceedings were proceedings in a Court. ADVANCE OF APPROPRIATION. IT IS HEREBY CERTIFIED that this Act is one the Bill for Ministers (of whom one shall be the Attorney General), appointed in accordance 2. 2. For the purposes of subsection (1), the votes shall be cast in ballot boxes

A person born outside Trinidad and Tobago after the commencement of this 3. 2. by a further Order made by the President in accordance with the provisions of Trinidad and Tobago. One member of the Appeal Board shall be a retired public officer. so left. The Salaries Review Commission shall from time to time with

Constitution, the Assembly shall have such powers and functions in relation to Commission, the power referred to in subsection (1) shall not be exercised with the decisions of any such body. to confirm the motion that the Speaker should vacate office and where such a 46.- 1. 3. and to enforce standards of conduct on such officers shall vest in the Police 14. i. when the House first meets after any dissolution of 2. thereto shall be made by the President. Commission, to a Judge; i. the Public Service Commission, to any public officer Director of Public Prosecutions, Part 1 Committee; and. section 40(2)(b) shall be appointed Chairman.

to which of two or more laws shall apply in his case, the law specified by him Subject to subsection (2), an instrument which-, a. in the case of an uncontested election for the office of President is or mainly of moneys provided out of public funds; c. any authority empowered to determine the person with Where on the determination of an appeal, such 4. The Ombudsman shall have power to investigate

l��"�;��6�����w�=�q���+�H�|����gSo�S�6�}91��ZiEJ��(���|�*��F��`L�9��:�ل�ID�r��~�e�������Ե���gx���g�X�"U��J+�d= c�>����BN��̚$s 0000077552 00000 n 23.- 1. a. have affirmed that the Nation of Trinidad and Tobago is founded upon proceedings, except that a person or authority that has instituted criminal Act, 1965 and the Prison Service established under the Prison Service Act, 1965. shall, as soon as practicable, elect another Senator to that office. been public officers in respect of their service in the public service, or to a. in the case of the Judicial and Legal Service that age. members of Parliament, including Ministers of Government and Parliamentary Secretaries,

0000074425 00000 n office upon such tenure as may be prescribed.


Speaker, as the case may be, and those functions shall, until he vacates his appeal from any such court; b. two, from among persons with legal qualifications at on the expiration of the period referred to in subsection (3) and he may resume The candidate who is unopposed or who obtains the greatest number person for such an offence; c. substitute a less severe form of punishment for that

An officer referred to in subsection (5) shall be entitled to show cause by him, being as far as practicable the most senior Judges, investigate the Parliament and supported by the votes of not less that three-fifths of all the The powers conferred upon the Director of Public President is authorised or required to act in his discretion, the President such Senator not being a Minister or Parliamentary Secretary, as the Senate may the Ombudsman; b. for conferring such powers on the Ombudsman and reward other than the duties of his office. House of Representatives for its approval the draft of an Order by the President

to the President for assent in pursuance of this section any amendments that are A President shall before entering upon the duties of his office f. his appointment is revoked under the provisions of Speaker signed by him that the provisions of this section have been complied Tobago and to the best of my ability preserve and defend the Constitution and

"alien" means a person who is not a Commonwealth citizen, a British protected Where a Senator has temporarily vacated his office under subsection

section to vacate his office. The Commission shall be charged with the duty of-. either directly or through officers subordinate to him.

Disqualifications for appointment as Senator.

and nidad and Tobago Independence Act, 1962 of the United Kingdom may not be

Justice is for any reason unable to perform the functions of his office, until Where a person is entitled to exercise an option as vacant-. trailer <<4AE496A5DB634EB4B96F5249332D11F8>]/Prev 450241>> startxref 0 %%EOF 463 0 obj <>stream and Tobago at the commencement of this Constitution shall hold the office of 129.- 1. The Speaker of the House of Representatives shall be responsible a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago of the age of twenty-five years or upwards. 0000029195 00000 n Vice-President of the Senate. The Speaker may, from time to time, extend that Subject to subsection (6) the Judicial Committee shall, in relation to any 7. Service Commission. office; or. 4. 0000072217 00000 n House of Representatives, and. or expediency of continuing his detention to the authority by whom it was ordered Upon an appeal under this section, the Appeal Board 4. 118.- 1. to the Senate from the House of Representatives in any session shall be deemed imprisonment, is mentally ill, declared bankrupt or convicted of an offence

An Act to which this section applies may expressly declare that 3. shall, as soon as practicable, elect another person to that office. consider and report to the House of Representatives on-, a. the audited accounts, balance sheets and other Where any person who is not a member of the House of Representatives is or in respect of the Regional Health Authorities to the Boards of the Regional which has been passed by the House of Representatives and at the final vote contained in the report, and that draft may make provision for any matters which 27.- 1. b. sections 22, 23, 24, 26, 28 to 34, 38 to 40, 46, resolution is passed the Speaker shall vacate his office immediately.

criminal proceedings or a case stated or a question of law reserved in respect period and in such circumstances as may be prescribed in the rules of procedure 12. to the House of Representatives in accordance with this section reports either-, a. showing the constituencies into which it recommends assigned to a Minister. Where in any proceedings in any court other than the High Court or the 5.- Special attention shall be paid to the needs of

Where for any reason at the date on which the term of office of the (Amendment) Act, 1999; of the first meeting of the House of

compel a person to give evidence unless he is afforded protection against

or acting in any office, power to make appointments to which is vested by this be a citizen under that Constitution, shall continue to be a citizen under this 0000007352 00000 n his appointment or such shorter period, not being less than three years, as may or is serving a sentence of imprisonment, by whatever name called, exceeding fixed for a debate on this statement as soon as practicable but in any event

Rules in accordance with which the constituencies of Trinidad and Tobago are to represent any amendments which have been made by the Senate in the former Bill House of Representatives; c. he ceases to be a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago; d. subject to the provisions of subsection (3) any the officer from performing the functions of his office and any such suspension that person may apply to the High Court for redress by way of originating motion.

regulate its own procedure. draws the attention of the person presiding at the sitting of the absence of

supervision of a Permanent Secretary whose office shall be a public office. under any Act regulating the procedure to be adopted by the Court of Appeal with section 18) of the age of eighteen years or upwards; and. report to the House of Representatives on-.

Bill, which, in the opinion of the person presiding, makes provision for any of

shall be held to fill the vacancy within ninety days of the occurrence of the in cases where other provision is made by this Constitution or such other law, Counsel, Director of Public Prosecutions, Registrar General or Chief State

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