It was 12:00 AM and I just logged on Animal Jam. "Greely!"

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Phantoms that are worth more points or are important appear golden - within the same game a phantom with red lighting has red eyes. For example: "dark scary phantom" or "sir jammer killer". The banners were red and white and were always written with 'never stop studying'. Phantomsare the major antagonists of Animal Jam and Animal Jam Classic.

But he laughed evilly and iron cuffs covered her paws and legs.

Play Wild Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. The layout of the game and its entrances does not change from year to year. Then, my screen turned black, and a phantom appeared on it. When approached by an animal, they produce a blue-white electric arc in an attempt to shock the animal. Many of these items are seasonal and available only during the Night of the Phantoms, but some others can be purchased year-round. The beam does go away in regular increments, or if an animal goes almost off-screen.

The player must protect their candy from the advancing Phantomsby moving a torch to scare and lure them into blue traps, which swallow them up. The Diamond Phantom is a members-only den item. However, another story says that the Phantoms are from another world. Their attack method is to use lasers shooting from their eyes.

The player can destroy the Pipe by finding and putting a cork in it.

The Phantomized Archway is a non-member den item that was released on June 7, 2018. These phantoms spit out purple spiked Boomseeds that may damage the player or another spitter.

Phantoms also tend to have tentacles that stick out from different sides of their body.

They also appear in AJ Jump where they try to prevent the Player from going higher by striking them with their electricity.

It is unknown why the Phantoms came to Jamaa, but they cause destruction where ever they go. This game can only be found in thePhantom Vortex, which has several entrances located all around Jamaa during this Halloween event. The phantoms overpowered Zios and took him into one of their portals. When I started playing Animal Jam, I thought it was just an educational, safe and fun game for kids. Greely's Inferno: The next adventure, they go ahead with the plan on destroying Jamaa only to be stopped by both Greely and the Player.

They are seen when the Player enters the Phantom Vortex while trying to stop the player from rescuing Greely. Hopefully we'll get to see many more of these odd phantoms in the future!

When approached by an animal, they float up into the air and slam back down into the ground in an attempt to stun the animal. Bases she typed. But then I saw Liza and Peck. she said worriedly. It can be obtained as an adventure prize in the Hard Mode of The River's Heart. The Phantoms will avoid the blue traps if the torch is not near them. It remains this way for about 13-19 seconds. It is unclear where exactly Phantoms originated. The first level of the game starts with only one Phantom and each additional level adds another Phantom, as well as increasing the speed of the Phantoms. The first story of Jamaa said that "A mysterious dark force has crept into the land, stealing away animals and ruining the beauty of Jamaa." According to ?? However most times these items just come out whenever AJHQ feels like making these kinds of items. They are usually a pitch black, circular blob with a single, large white eye that has a small black pupil. A server, Heck, looked like some poor jammer had its blood smeared on the screen. These are much smaller than regular Phantoms, only being the size of Pets. The Phantom Watcher looks similar to a Phantom with no tentacles, except without any movement. Last Updated 5/26/18 The Sheep Cloak can be seen here. It is unknown if Phantoms can do this on the main game. Jamaa has a seasonal festival called the Night of the Phantoms, occurring every October.

When the statue was broken, phantoms would sometimes be seen floating around the base. Hobby They seem to float around and have blue electricity emitting from their tentacles. The Quick '''Brown Fox''' Jumps Over The ''Lazy Dog'', Phantom Kings are much bigger than regular Phantoms.

Crimes She was a happy fox who was suddenly Greely walked out from his hiding place. ", The fox was very suprised to see Greely and it took her a while to chat anything. A Phantom Fish is a 3-eyed fish-like phantom that appears in Tiki Trouble.

Type of Hostile Species While it is not clear if this was part of the Phantoms' plan, removing the guardian spirits from Jamaa would prevent them from creating any more Alphas. In the end, it is discovered by Greely that the Phantoms plan to use a volcano to destroy Jamaa.

The Phantom Watchtower looks like a lamp with a phantom in it with a red light on the top. The lasers are a deadly one-hit-knockout, instantly sending the player back to the latest checkpoint if touched. The lasers are commonly used as for a puzzle effect, forcing the player to try to get past them in order to complete an objective.

It spoke in a weird voice and it was saying that I was infected by the phantom virus. It was not the basement of secrets but a new basement. Phantom QueenPhantom KingsOther unnamed members Full Name In a more recent story, the Phantoms are said to have invaded Jamaa from some other world. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. These are slightly small creatures with six or more tentacles. A long time ago, when the first phantoms were created, the animals of Jamaa lived in scattered villages and could be easily conquered… Greely finally spoke after what seemed like hours of waiting but was only a minute. 1

Instead of regular tentacles, they have one or two small black plump tentacles on the right or left side of their head. The player must protect their candy from the advancing Phantoms by moving a torch to scare and lure them into blue traps, which swallow them up.

Phantoms can come in many shapes and sizes including bat shape, spider shape etc; however they can also come in different colors usually seen in mini games. Phantoms also tend to have tentacles that stick out from different sides of their body. Enigmatic Dark Forms The Phantomized Archway has a purple border and a green inside with purple dots on them. A large phantom headed for all of us, I dodged and so did the rest, all but a pink bunny, I covered my screen this time, as I was going to throw up when I saw the wolf explode.

The basement smelled musty that made her a little nervous but Princess believed she could trust Greely, after all he wouldn't kill anyone would he? Take over Jamaa All Jamaa lands other than Moku'ahi turn dark, while dens and animal-only parties remain bright. I knew the others were scared, and so was I. So far this is their only appearance. However, sometimes the timer will lag out, causing another Phantom to be spawned directly during the destruction of the Sprouter. No information This suggests that only the companionship between Zios and Mira was lost, as both of them were still in Jamaa when the Phantoms invaded. They said: "Welcome to Phantom Jam!". The Zombie Grave is a members-only den item. This also provides an explanation for the initial lack of species in Jamaa, as most species were trapped by the Phantoms. I felt a glimmer of hope, but all the jammers that had turned into phantoms started chasing them, and they started surrounding them.

Phantom Vortex during Night of the Phantoms

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