Back when I was working for kmart they loved knocking back return claims unless you could prove the bike was assembled by a bicycle mechanic.

Kmart bikes come in a box requiring assembly? Then again my current road bike is $5000 (and that's a cheap one) but you won't get a $100 bike with a handmade Italian frame, that's garunteed for the life of the bike including any other owner you may sell it too later. While there is a Certificiate III course – there are no RTO's in Australia registered to deliver it. I have bought two K-mart bikes. I've had my Kmart mountain bike for a few months now. This is particularly the case with cables on those horrid "grip shifter" things that they always seem to use. But expensive frames are expensive for a reason. I like how it handles and this bike seems very solid. Great frame good geometry and won't break. No more modifying cars for me, and really enjoying cycling. :). I feel perfectly safe on my alloy Hard Tail, in fact it comes with a lifetime frame warranty. I needed a cheap bike to do 4km, three times a week on and a mate had a southern star brand new lying around that I tried for a couple of days. This has been a great bike for the money.

and it sells bikes? Used laying down with it propped up against a wall as I watch tv is ok. I'd be reasonably confident in saying that the photos of broken alloy frames comes from misuse. Alloy frame bikes are fine for 99% of people, for the rest there's 6-12inches of suspension ;), I have a Mongoose Khyber and have never been worried that the frame will break. The bike is obviously not fit for the intended purpose – demand your money back or at least a store credit. The bikes were always shit, but when you told them they wouldnt listen. Do the same to a car, you either need a mobile mechanic or a tow truck. I for one have always bought a bicycle from a bicycle shop; never ever from Kmart and so forth; which is why none of my bicycles have stuffed up... touch wood. If properly maintained and lubed then some of the above deficits might not be an issue, but the problem is that most people buying a cheap k-mart bike are pretty clueless about bikes and are unlikely to do the required maintenance. I bet 'something' has been bent a few mm during shipping and enough to point the rear mech in a wrong way and stop the chain then bend off into the spokes. All the snapping I heard about comes to fatigue cracks developing over time and the frame suddenly snapping. I know some people might cringe at the fact that I use WD-40 on my chains but it's a $99 bike, so whatever. I guess when you return an item it wouldn’t warrant any stars. Good on you! I can't believe it is still allowed to occur. It horribleI wont return it but yes what a joke.
How do i know its strong? A good bike will come with a manufacturers warranty, assemble professionally and fitted to the customer. Man, even getting involved in the expensive side of cycling and expensive addons is still cheaper than cars. And often they look like they've hardly been ridden (looking at tyres and brake rubbers which are original but have basically no wear), but they've not been maintained and stuff has just rusted and seized. Product Details. Personally, I prefer to do all these things myself. Its not because the frame has been abused beyond its design, i.e. Almost gave many people a good laugh from a falling off with chain free spinning. I myself would never ever buy a bicycle from Kmart, Target, Big W; or any of the commercial supermarkets that are available at any major shopping centre. So you think this bike is worth $12,000 just because the manufacturers want to get rich? Today, 2020-10-29, I checked their website for a certain item. Something that comes in a box; you would have to put together yourself; and in some cases, may or may not have complete parts to put together. The equipment would slide away while pedalling.1/2 start - (tick) Kmart refunding. looks decent. The same muppet that failed to assemble it in the first place?

As others have said stay away from department store brands. not sure about quality tho. Bike shop for bikes, hairdresser for hair, butcher for meat. Go to a bike shop and buy a good quality bike. Serious bikers will always stick their noses up at any bike less than $1-2K that is not purchased from a bike store. if it's a defect as you say, and the fact it broke in only 10km's, points to a bike that is purely a lemon and i dread to think what else may be wrong with it. That is to say, aggressive riding on an XC frame (or something similar). I took a wheel in to get a spoke replaced and it came back with the quick release around the wrong way. Expensive doesn't mean durable. You get a knob preciously wrapped in big foam case, but it doesn’t work.0 star - stability (no tick), regardless of type of surface the bike is on; tiles, carpet, rubber liner or a large arm chair wedged on the other end.

Old quality 2nd hand over new cheap, all day every day :). The frame and wheels might still be though :). Worked in a bike shop as a teenager, fixing department store bikes used to keep us quite busy in the months after Xmas. Just spend a bit more in something that will last a lot longer and something that you can enjoy while it does. awsome framegreat entry bikeI've made mine into an awsome freeride fun bikethats got a bomb proof frame.

Anyway, once the research is done and you are dead set on a certain kind of bike; brand; type & model; then you really need to find yourself a proper bike shop with a sales guy that knows their stuff and really knows what he or she is talking about. Second day he comes in with a K-Mart bike bought the previous night.
I also have a bike I got in the late 80's, it's had 6 new frames & forks, 11 new sets of rims, 4 new hubs, 8 new seats, 3 sets of handle bars, 2 new stems, 2 cranksets, 3 bottom brackets, lost track of how many tyres, tubes & chains, 4 new seat posts and got no idea of how many brake pads. Took them back to Kmart for a tune up...they were on the footpath for council cleanup a few days later. Avoid plastic grip shifts and dual suspension kmart bikes. I have a little trouble going from the front very smallest gear to the middle gear. I think it's fair to say that the cheapest, nastiest, $800 "bike store" bike will actually work well as a bike. I remember when i had a push bike, i road it for years and all i did was change the brakes, what does a "Push bike service" actually consist of? Here is one of the frames I ended up destroying. To be honest man, I don't want to get into a steel vs alloy debate. As a bike shop its a dealer requirment that every bike be assembled by a qualified mechanic (or checked) and fitted to the customer for correct sizing (For the brands our store stocked). He then went ahead and bought himself an expensive but "proper" bicycle and he loves it.

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