Nick is a record producer. He is the founder of a record label, GODMODE. [24], In 2019, Kimes was hired by the Los Angeles Rams to be a color commentator for their preseason football games. [3][4][5] She is a senior writer at ESPN and an NFL analyst on NFL LIVE. Mina’s father inspired her interest in sports.

She published several exposes that gained significant traction, before catching ESPN’s eye with a personal essay about how her love for the Seattle Seahawks brought her closer to her father. My job as a features writer is very similar: I spend weeks, or months, learning everything I can about one thing, then I put those lessons into a story. Her father worked in the United States Air Force as a captain.

Free To Go: Devonta Pollard's mother was his best friend and coach. A: I’m not a naturally confrontational person, and investigative journalism requires a great deal of confrontation — making calls to people who don’t want to be called and asking questions they don’t necessarily want to hear. [3][13] The Columbia Journalism Review included her exposes among its business must-reads for 2012. [3] Her profiles of business executives Doug Oberhelman of Caterpillar, in a piece titled King Kat, and Sears executive Eddie Lampert, in a piece titled The Sun Tzu at Sears, won her the Front Page Award for business reporting. A: I don’t do a whole lot of personal writing, mainly because I’ve always been so busy with my work. As a woman, I naturally have a point of view that’s different from most reporters. Q: What skills did you learn in investigative journalism that have come in handy in your career as a sports journalist? [15], Kimes was offered a position by ESPN editors in 2014 after she wrote an essay on Tumblr about a "bond between herself and her dad and the Seattle Seahawks. “Shut up,” she said. Shlomo Sprung, May 2, 2018, Awful Announcing. As a reporter, I feel that I can contribute more to the discussion by engaging with these problems and shining a light on them. Mina Kimes ’07, Yale’s reigning “Hottest Girl” according to Rumpus’ 2004 “50 Most Beautiful” issue, agreed that relationships at Yale are hard to define. Joanna Demkiewicz, October 8, 2014, Riveter Magazine. Mina Kimes ’07 B.A. A multiple award-winner, she has written for Fortune, Bloomberg News, and ESPN. Debbie Emery, February 3, 2019, The Wrap.

A: It’s not always easy! D ispel any doubt that Mina Kimes ’07 was a true-blue Yalie: upon being informed that Gourmet Heaven — known to Yale faithful as GHeav — was now “Good Nature Market,” Kimes’ mouth dropped open.

Mina Kimes’ Short Bio. Kimes was hired by ESPN The Magazine in 2014, where she is currently a senior writer and columnist.

It allows me to relate to my subjects differently and to think of ideas and approaches that are unique. A: Working as an investigative journalist taught me to embrace my ignorance — to admit to myself, and to the people I meet, that I don’t always know what I’m talking about. But I still love the game. At what point did you realize you were comfortable doing that type of work? A: I didn’t do a lot of journalism at Yale, but — and this is going to sound super nerdy and strange — I really loved writing papers. I wrote the essay on a plane trip back from Seattle, and posted it on my personal website when I returned. A: If more than one person responds to it with the cry-laugh emoji, it’s a good tweet. The only real downside is that strangers on the Internet are more likely to lobby personal attacks — this is a universal truth for female sportswriters — but I choose not to see that as a disadvantage. By default she rooted for her dad’s favorite teams — the Seahawks and Supersonics — and eventually developed into a full-fledged fan, even getting an “XLVIII” tattoo on her bicep in honor of the Seahawks’ 2013 Super Bowl win. I loved diving into unfamiliar territory, loved the feeling of mastering an esoteric subject. [22][23][21], On June 30, 2020, Kimes was announced as an NFL analyst for ESPN's relaunch of NFL Live for the 2020–21 NFL season. Q: What drove you to write the piece about the Seahawks and your father?

Mina Kimes is married to Harvard alum and founder of New York’s GODMODE Records, Nick Sylvester. Q: There have been several ugly incidents of domestic violence, concussion cover-ups and morally dubious action from the NFL in the last few years. The beautiful lady belongs to Korean descent and holds American nationality.

[7] Kimes is of Korean descent on her mother's side. [8][19][20], Kimes is an active panelist on Around The Horn and has appeared on Highly Questionable, The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz and High Noon. Accessibility at Yale, tried to turn his business into the Hunger Games, Office of Public Affairs & Communications. "From The Mag: The Unkillable Demon King", "Baker Mayfield isn't afraid of the hype", "Mina Kimes to Host New "ESPN Daily" Podcast as Part of New Agreement", "Mina Kimes will host ESPN's new morning podcast", "Mina Kimes Helps ESPN Kick Off 'Daily' Podcast", "ESPN to Relaunch NFL Live in August with New Host Laura Rutledge and Analysts Marcus Spears, Dan Orlovsky, Mina Kimes and Keyshawn Johnson", "ESPN's Mina Kimes Will Be Preseason Analyst for the Los Angeles Rams", "ESPN Daily podcast host Mina Kimes has Philly ties and an appreciation of Terry Gross",, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 2 November 2020, at 21:20.

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