Adapted from the acclaimed novel. This season marks the first appearance of Min the Mapmaker. After Hugo won, Pinto sees the video and before the finish, he saw Hugo put a banana peel on the seabed then he told the Captain what he had saw in the video the whole time.

Storyline: Pinto returns to the Octopod but to invesgate a Mysterious Creature ( Which turns out to be a Andrew's Beaked Whale ) that stalked Peso during finish watching the meteor showers. Storyline: The team are in their training uniforms doing a survival test in shark infested waters! Storyline: Kwazii travels on an alligator migration with his old baby alligator friend Nipper, and the other alligators, but on the journey, they will come across many predators and many dangers. The Octonauts help clean up a beach after a storm. Storyline: Tweak teams up with her cousin, Layla to search for a lost candiru that has short term memory loss.

A decorator crab with sticky fingers has been taking the Octonauts' things to outfit his shell; Dashi winds up inside a whale shark. Storyline: Kwazii wants to prove to the Octonauts that there are unicorns of the sea, so he comes across a fish with a unicorn horn called a Unicorn Fish. are accidentally brought onboard the Octopod.

Two young leafy sea dragons are accidentally brought onboard the Octopod. Here are the ideas ( There is a movie called The Octonauts Return with this episodes ): Storyline: Tweak and the Octonauts in the Gup-K goes to meet Ranger Marsh in North America but they are not going to meet more Invasive Creatures this time, They are going to meet Tweak's mom Friends and other parents of Tweak's Family! Storyline: Dashi, Tweak, and Shellington are in Lake Constance babysitting baby zanders but it gets harder then they thought! shape-shifting mimic octopus to help them on a mission. Won a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Writing in a Preschool Animated Program. Here are the ideas ( There is a movie called The Octonauts Return with this episodes ): … Storyline: In Koshi's Birthday, Dashi is teaching her how to surf like an Surfing Snail but a Bull Shark bites Dashi's front leg. Professor Inkling invites the Octonauts to his childhood home for the holidays, only to find that his octopus nephew is now endangered.

Storyline: Captain Barnacles, Kwazii and Peso beware of their lifes when the Gup-A is bitten by a Megalodon Shark! Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links on this page.

stranded on a beach, Peso must get them back into the ocean. 18: The Bluefin Tuna - The Octonauts must help an injured bluefin tuna catch up with her school so she can reach the nesting grounds. Storyline: The Octonauts team up with Kwazii's old friend Annie the Bengal Tiger to help a young Common Minke Whale find his mother. rescue a group of narwhals trapped behind Arctic ice. New Gups 2 new gups being added; Gup-W and the Gup-P. Octonauts and the Yellow Belly Sea. Series 4: 15. You can change cookie preferences; continued site use signifies consent. Above her hangs a small doll made of chestnuts. Storyline: In a vacation on the Beach, Kwazii finds a lost Elephant Seal Pup and the Octonauts must somehow find the pup's Mother. [14] Broadcasts resumed in March 2013 but stopped a week later (with the last 6 episodes still unaired) - then resumed again in September 2013. Storyline: 2 African Manatees are swaped to the shore by a tidal bore near a river and the Octonauts must get them back to the water.

Watch Octonauts Season 3 Episode 2 instantly on NOW TV. Storyline: Koshi's friend Mina the Southern Right Whale Dolphin separates from his pod so the Octonauts find the pod. Running out of air, Barnacles struggles to free his paw from the mouth of a giant clam.

Kwazii looks after a baby dolphin who follows him home; the Octonauts meet a see-through spookfish while trying to rescue Peso from a trench. Turns out, it was just a Chinese giant salamander protecting its precious eggs, which have fallen ill due to rising water temperatures. The Octonauts try to save some spinner dolphins who seem to be swimming in their sleep.

A team of undersea explorers is always ready to dive into action to explore new underwater worlds, rescue amazing sea creatures and protect the ocean. While diving down to the Midnight Zone, the Octonauts are attacked by bomber worms. But can they finish it in time before a storm closes in? station to study the deepest, darkest reaches of the ocean. Storyline: The Octonauts venture in a jungle to find a lost Spider Monkey! Kwazii adopts a baby alligator, but it escapes from the Octopod. * Some footage and images of Season 5 have been found in various Chinese websites (credit to Bana2020, who first did that). Storyline: Only Kwazii and Peso can save the day when a Stonefish stings the whole Octonauts crew!

Their dolphin has ran away and they have to work together to find him. 15: The Seven Sea Squirts - The Octonauts meet the algae-shooting seven sea squirts. The Octonauts try to help a seahorse find its missing mate, who is about to give birth; the crew becomes caught between two groups of anemones. Storyline: Maelyn returns with a new pirate themed prosthetic leg for Calico Jack. * It could be possible that it will be released on October 30 2020 or 2021. season 6 is coming soon, Images of Season 5 found: Season 5 images, Videos of Season 5 found:,,,,,,,, Storyline: Kwazii is swallowed by a Basking Shark and Peso and Captain Barnacles rescue him. A teacher starts her job at a high school but is haunted by a suspicious death that occurred there weeks before... and begins fearing for her own life. By interacting with this site, you agree to our use of cookies. Octonauts and the Kelp Monster.

Kwazii and Peso have their hands full babysitting a bunch of Adelie penguin chicks. Can they save her without being bitten? Turns out, it was just a Chinese giant salamander protecting its precious eggs, which have fallen ill due to rising water temperatures. The Octonauts are a group of heroes who live in the world's oceans and have different adventures in the oceans. Storyline: The Octonauts must rescue Peso's childhood friend Evans the Walking Catfish from wildlifes. Storyline: The Octonauts head to the Yangtze River to investigate someone strange readings they’ve gotten. Watch Superstore Season 5 full episodes online, free and paid options via our partners and affiliates. When poisonous sea snakes get stranded on a beach, Peso must get them back into the ocean. 6: The Giant Sea Spiders - Kwazii and Shellington get trapped deep in the icy water in the Antarctic where they encounter a family of sea spiders.

The release date for The Octonauts season 5 has not been scheduled. Series 4: 21.

Series 4: 24. Track The Octonauts season 5 episodes.

with a moray eel and grouper fish after the Gup-D crashes. Track The Octonauts season 5 episodes. Captain Barnacles and the crew of the Octopod face new dangers, explore new places and meet unusual new creatures in the show's third season. Netflix uses cookies for personalization, to customize its online advertisements, and for other purposes. It was going to air in Autumn 2018 but was delayed. In September 2017, a printing file was released featuring Season 5 and a Yangtze River special information, and a new special character (Mapmaker Min) was revealed.

The Octonauts let an elephant seal molt inside the Octopod; the Octonauts help a lost sardine who's looking for her school.

fin bandage on a hungry great white shark. Release year: 2013. 21: The Zombie Worms - Dashi and Shellington have found some Zombie Worms that have broken into the Octo Lab. Storyline: Layla and the octonauts try to help a peacock control its aggressive temper after it got stuck in quicksand. Storyline: Dashi is going to her family reunion in her hometown, California. Read about our approach to external linking. Shellington and Kwazii team up with a moray eel and grouper fish after the Gup-D crashes. But a wave wipes them out and they almost drown, but they are rescued by secretive, mysterious saviors. When he is carried away by a cyclonic waterspout, Kwazii finds himself stranded. Add your shows and see the site populate with them, Calendar and Homepage with your shows only, Track your watched episodes and see new ones come out, Define search engines to find episodes with one click, Get suggestions for new shows based on what you watch, Many other neat features and customizations.

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