Citizen Journalism Curriculum

Advanced Citizen Journalism

Advanced Citizen Journalism

People with basic English language skills, journalism knowledge and fundamental knowledge and experience with computers (or who have complete IT Soft Skills Certificate course)

  • To make news content digitally available with the national outreach
  • To create digital news for digital generations with an emphasis on stories of special interest to audiences across the country
  • To provide expertise in developing and monetizing content, producing original programming and custom-branded content, as well as managing talent and creating multi-platform distribution strategies
  • To learn basic digital content management to handle websites, social media platforms, smartphones, audio-visuals and photographs for more efficient office work & official communication;
  • Able to use various interactive features of smartphones such as camera, audio recorder, images, etc. to create audio-visual stories;
  • Able to develop short-form, high-quality content with focus on news from all across the sectors including health and wellness, finance, tech and many more;

After successful completion of the course, participants would be able to:

  • Able to understand various concepts around citizen journalism
  • Able to understand essential skills of citizen journalism
  • Able to understand the ethics of news & media
  • Able to understand the distribution & processing information
  • Able to understand how folk media can be used for citizen journalism

Able to understand how interactive media can be used for citizen journalism & vice versa

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