About Us

Jadeite is a consulting company focused on social development; working towards reshaping social change for equitable and sustainable development; by leveraging technical and human components.

Jadeite works with corporates, business entities, social organizations, international bilateral organizations, research institutions and civil society organizations enhancing their capability to maximize their effectiveness and efficiency to take critical decisions based on data-driven approach.

Jadeite enable firms to stay relevant in a dynamic environment, helping envision future (Strategic Foresight), identifying gaps in capabilities through impact assessment and evaluations, and partnering with organizations to overcome current and future challenges.

We align our solutions with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to better engage with our Clients and other stakeholders, to optimize impacts, transforming the world for the better. Our key strength lies in our ability to evaluate the socio-economic impact of ground projects funded by international organizations, bilateral organizations and corporates. Our engagement as social and economic evaluators, enables measuring impact of social interventions, programs and technological interventions that are active on the ground. In result, it gives visibility to funders and helps in engaging with sponsors, while validating the efficacy of efforts invested.

Vision – To become a cross-sectional / cross-sectorial organization, bringing together cutting edge knowledge, management skills and streamlining processes for making inclusive, equitable and sustainable approaches

Mission – Drive towards collaborative action to accelerate social change

Goals – To bring social change by streamlining processes; optimal use of resources, making informed decisions, and structured business strategy

Objectives – Partner with international agencies, bi-lateral organizations and governments to provide innovative and reliable solutions to address global challenges of development

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