About Us

Jadeite is a consulting company focused on social development; working towards reshaping social change for equitable and sustainable development; by leveraging technical and human components.

Jadeite Solutions works with clients enhancing their capability to maximize their effectiveness and efficiency to take critical decisions based on data-driven approach. We align our solutions with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to better engage with our clients and other stakeholders, to optimize impacts, transforming the world for the better.

Our key strength lies in our ability to evaluate the socio-economic impact of ground projects funded by international organizations, bilateral organizations and corporates (CSR funds)

We focus on

  • Actionable Research
  • Social Impact Evaluation including building sustainability into projects
  • Institutional Strengthening
    • Organizational consulting
    • Organizational compliance
  • Capacity Building
  • Innovation & technology

Target Segment:

  • Development ecosystem: Key stakeholders including CSR funds, civil societies, NGOs and community-based startups
    • giving visibility to funders by validating the efficacy of efforts invested by donees
    • improve engagement of funded NGOs with sponsors through
      • institutional strengthening of processes, compliances and reporting
      • measuring impact of social interventions, programs and technological interventions that are active on the ground
  • Small and medium enterprises (SMEs)
    • helping discover and create value for customers
    • institutional strengthening of structure, processes, compliances and reporting
    • capacity building
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