CEL – Centre for Effective Learning

Analyse the learning points through AAR, where performance is​ ​reviewed and measured with group and reasons for failure or success are critically analysed​.​

What we do?

  1. Provide customized curriculum designing & framework
  2. Focused trainings as per organizational needs and its demand
  3. Skill development workshops aligning with organizational objectives and goals

Success of any programme is dependent on the attitude and skills of its functionaries. As a natural extension for enabling an effective learning among participants, we continue to create an integrated platform by forging partnerships with academia and research institutes, government and bilateral agencies.

We work extensively with corporate, social sector and bilateral agencies around strategy implementation; enabling marketing strategies, research, analysis, measurement and evaluation; creating value by sharing our experiences of ‘how to do things’ better. Thus, we have created a space for learners, who are interested in creating sustainable and socially relevant business practices, to develop necessary skill sets and access to easy to use and efficient tool kits.

Most of our programmes are affiliated and accredited by renowned centres to offer structured online and on campus training avenues. The aim of our programme is to analyse the learning points through AAR (After Action Reviews), where the performance is reviewed within the group and the reasons for failure or success are critically analysed and shared among team members. We adopt two models for conducting trainings:

  1. Basic: Where the participants focus only on the subjects of interest
  2. Comprehensive: Where a holistic development is sought to be achieved

The basic model seeks to provide the infrastructure, where the participant can access the courses online as per their choice with a forum for AAR at regular intervals. The comprehensive model aims to sensitize the participants about the important of cognitive and non-cognitive skills.

We conduct both functional and behavior trainings, workshops and seminars in both models – basic and comprehensive.

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