Value Proposition

Have people centric approach to bring sustainable change through our innovative and reliable solutions

Actionable Research

  • Research Framework– designing research framework, designing questionnaire (quantitative & qualitative), including FGD, scenario-based questionnaire; determining optimal data size and sample composition
  • Conducting Research – developing ODK (Open Data Kit) based questionnaires; data collection, collation and analytics; interpreting results using appropriate methodology
  • Impact Assessment– baseline, midline & endline reports; impact assessment report
  • Policy Papers – compile policy paper using primary and secondary research; highlight key issues and trends; basis for new projects; 

Social Impact Evaluation

  • Build Sustainability into Projects – designing sustainable models (in line with SDGs); successful handover to community and inbuilt model to ensure continued benefit
  • Efficiency – Social Return on Investment (SROI) Analysis; measure social impact created per unit amount spent on project
  • Evaluation Framework – create framework for measuring social impact and outcome for thematic interventions; define measurement indicators; design alignment with SDGs; create an impact scorecard
  • Social Impact Assessment – end to end impact assessment and applying ‘theory of change’; identify gaps in implementation for mid-course correction; measure social impact; evaluate alignment with SDGs

Institutional Strengthening

  • Organization Consulting– review, structure and streamline existing processes; create processes for financial discipline and statutory compliance; risk assessment and mitigation; business modelling, project ideation & design; business planning for Start-Ups
  • CSR Funds – optimising portfolio for CSR funds; social impact assessment; CSR reporting; diversity and inclusion
  • Statutory Compliance – financial compliance, secretarial compliance, tax compliance
  • HR Consulting – design and review organizational structure; conduct job analysis; job and salary grading; review and structure performance management system (PMS); review organizational policies and SOPs

Capacity Building

  • Need assessment and planning– identify knowledge gaps; design OD intervention
  • Functional Trainings – project management (CAPM/PMP), financial resilience; citizen journalism, digital security, digital literacy, media information literacy
  • Behavioral Trainings– change management, conflict management, leadership development, negotiation, communication, gender sensitization, entrepreneurship development programs
  • Development Sector Focused Trainings– functional and behavioral trainings tailored for development sector (civil societies, NGOs and community based startups)
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