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Measure social impact created per unit amount spent on project

We believe in objective assessment of initiatives, on ground assessment of impact for efforts expended, and quantifying the value (economic and social) derived from each rupee spent. Our holistic approach gives our clients the visibility to plan for future, while increasing efficiency and effectiveness of current operations or endeavors

We conduct need assessment, formative research, and monitoring and evaluation studies. We specialize in procuring and analyzing high quality from the ground level to ensure that evidence-based conclusions are robust, reliable and relevant.

Our focus is on evaluating the socio-economic impact of ground projects; through delivering keen insights on challenge faced and providing simple on-ground solution and implementation support that helps entities to structure their processes, create financial discipline, focus on actionable-goals and measure real impact of their efforts. Our engagement as (social) evaluators to measure the impact of social interventions, programmes and technological interventions active/working on the ground, gives much needed visibility to sponsors, while validating the efficacy of the efforts invested.

We are committed on strengthening the designs of programs, streamlining the processes and providing the effective data driven solutions that helps entities to structure and streamline their existing processes, develop financial discipline, manage their activities, focus on actionable goals, aligning social outcome with economic outcome and measure real impact of their efforts.

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