CSER – Centre for Social Evaluation & Research

"Responsibility has become the fundamental imperative in modern civilization, and it should be an unavoidable criterion to assess and evaluate human actions, including, in a special way, development activities" - Hans Jonas

What we do

  • Provide evidence- based research/study for wide range of stakeholders to increase their knowledge in critical aspects of emerging issues and trends
  • Research for social impact of event/action/policy
  • Research to provide substance or evidence for policy development
  • Research to measure social and behavioural change

We create value by understanding the key gaps that exist on the ground. We not only analyse and present lucid and resourceful data on topics that have the maximum relevance to create large scale social impact. We hope to source and document concepts and solutions from the ground that have done path breaking work which could inspire other similar enterprises and young minds.

We provide framework to conduct research. We measure the social capital with our evidence based research. We enable the stakeholders to take critical decisions based on data-driven approach. Our research projects maintain the constant focus on:

Objective: What is the project about?

Purpose: Why are we changing from current status?

Particulars: What are we changing?

People: Who are we changing?

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