Why Partner with Jadeite Solutions?

Jadeite has agroup of seasoned professionals working with business entities, social organizations, research institutions and bi-lateral agencies enhancing their capability to maximize their effectiveness and efficiency and to take critical decisions based on data-driven approach.

How can we create an impact together?

Jadeite works on a variety of things with NGOs, NPOs, social enterprises, corporates, research institutions, and think tanks. Interested in collaborating? Send us an email at info@jadeite.co.in

Research Projects : Jadeite conducts short-term, long term, research studies. Our present research is focusing on new media and journalists.

Evaluation : Jadeite creates new possibilities through clear articulation of challenges and aspirations – leading to gap analysis; segregating cause from effect for effective action plan.

Skill building : Jadeite provides a conducive learning environment where participant are taken through the curriculum designed by Institutes of Repute or renowned Centers of Excellencee.

Process Management : Jadeite helps to build stable processes; enabling competencies of managing projects and ensuring financial discipline; within an overall environment of transparency and compliance.