CSE – Centre for Strategy Enablement

“The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.” —Michael Porter

What we do

  • We understand your business and development needs
  • Based on our study, we design development initiatives including focused trainings
  • Follow through effort by conducting reinforcement programs and tracking improvement in a planned manner

We create new possibilities through clear articulation of challenges and aspirations –  leading to gap analysis; segregating cause from effect for effective action plan. At a tactical level, we help adopt systems approach for building stable processes; enabling competencies of managing projects and ensuring financial discipline; within an overall environment of transparency and compliance. We not only help organisations in articulating value proposition for project lifecycle but also helps them to understand the efficiency and efficacy of the project aligning with their organisational objectives.

We seek to deliver sustainable human capital for future; designing and delivering high impact OD Interventions / consultations for enhanced performance; thus, fulfilling our role as an enabling partner helping overcome challenges and achieve success. Our focus areas are:

Revenue enhancement and go to market
1) Expert help in articulating value proposition for product penetration / product lifecycle

Quality Assurance and Control
1) Creating understanding that ‘Quality pays for itself’ and encouraging focus on the processes and quality of output.

2) Facilitating benchmarking and quality certifications
3) Helping build trust in the product

1) Encourage transparency and clean business by helping implement the best practices of financial management for smooth operation and focus on core activities

2) Expert help in identifying gaps in compliance requirements
3) Expert guidance with implementing requisite systems to ensure compliance

Capability and management development
1) Developing systems and processes

2) Actively identifying redundancies and inefficiencies and possibilities for possibilities of automation and software deployment
3) Help seek out technologies and possible avenues as new way of doing business to create a competitive yet flexible supply chain.
4) Free entrepreneur’s time by helping address the keen challenges stretched resources and unstable business through guidance in exploring possibilities and identifying activities that alone need to be managed by self

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