CSE – Centre for Strategy Enablement

“The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.” —Michael Porter

What we do

We seek to deliver sustainable human capital for future – fulfilling our role as an enabling partner – helping organizations and individuals overcome challenges and achieve success.

  • Finding Right People for the Right Profile – helping create a team that delivers
  • Designing and delivering high impact OD Interventions / consultations for enhanced performance
  • Helping individuals succeed
    • Creating impactful resumes that hold attention – kindle curiosity within employer
    • Expanding Digital Network – Enhancing Social Media Presence

We help adopt systems approach for building stable processes; enabling competencies of managing projects and ensuring financial discipline; within an overall environment of transparency and compliance.

Enablement Opportunities

  • Providing tailored solutions to meet the needs of the organization
  • Focusing on long term human resources planning and finding Right People for Right profile
  • Building a team consisting of people who have the requisite skill set

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  • Get catchy descriptive and informative details in your resume
  • Create a meaningful impact on the interviewer – first impression counts
  • Kindle curiosity so the interviewer is keen to meet
  • Inspire confidence through digital profile presence and endorsements

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Organizational Development

  • Business Planning (for Start-Ups)
  • Review, structure and streamline existing processes
  • Develop processes to ensure financial discipline
  • Develop processes to ensure statutory compliance
  • Review and improve effectiveness and efficiency of activities
  • Improve focus on actionable goals
  • Measure impact of efforts
  • Business modelling, project ideation & design
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Risk assessment & risk management
  • Organizational change management
  • Diversity & inclusion
  • Creating NGO portfolio for CSR funds
  • Social Impact Assessment
  • Creating CSR Fund portfolio
  • CSR reporting

Organizational Compliance

  • Designing the organizational structure,
    1. visual depiction of reporting hierarchies
    2. no of positions to be defined
    3. defining role of each department/division
  • Delineate roles and responsibilities of positions listed
    1. Conduct job analysis
    2. job specification
    3. job description
    4. competency framework
  • Job and salary grading
    1. develop parameters for each set of unique jobs/positions
    2. conduct gap analysis (using industry benchmarks)
  • Review and structure PMS (performance management systems)
    1. defining KRAs / assigning role as per RACI matrix
    2. defining measuring yardstick, tool and success criteria for particular job categories
    3. defining KPI to measure output for relevant activities
  • Standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • Organizational policies
    1. HR policy
      1. employee HR manual
      2. leave policy
    2. travel policy
    3. gender policy
    4. child protection policy
    5. ethics and integrity
    6. anti-bribery policy
    7. finance policy
    8. procurement policy
  • Terms of use (for website or platform)
  • Workforce related compliance (ESI / PF / shop & establishment etc)
  • Financial compliance
    • maintaining proper books of accounts / records
    • computation of income tax (advance); deposit of tax amount
    • financial audit
    • annual filing as per Income Tax Act 1961
  • Secretarial Compliance
    • maintaining records of minutes of the meetings/resolutions
    • secretarial filing with the Registrar of Companies or Registrar of Societies
  • Indirect tax
    • computation of GST or other indirect tax due; deposit of tax amount
    • filing of tax returns
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