Behaviour trainings

"Learning without thought is labor lost. Thought without learning is intellectual death." - Confucius

Training and focused workshops

  • Need assessment – identifying knowledge gaps
  • Designing OD intervention

Employees need specific set of training to improve their behavioural skills and capabilities to strengthen their working capabilities and performance. Gradually organizations are realizing that employees need behavioural competence in order to set new goals. Behavioural skills training is an effective customized solution that consists of instructions, modeling, tools and techniques, which employees can apply in their own situations. Most of these trainings are customized and designed according to the needs and objectives of the organization and its participant employees. The aim of the training is to achieve a change in the behaviour of the participants. Our behaviour training courses are:

  1. Business Communication – expanding frontiers
  2. Change Management – Proactively identifying and managing change
  3. Time Management – Improving productivity through increased efficiency
  4. Creativity & Innovation – How to remain competitive in a changing scenario
  5. Negotiation Skills – Getting to “Yes”
  6. Stress Management – the ‘art of letting go’
  7. Conflict Management – addressing issues
  8. Leadership – creating value
  9. Presentation Skills – building impact
  10. Influencing Skills – bridging gaps to win over
  11. Motivation – inspiring hope
  12. EDP (General and for women) – sowing seeds for nations’ progress
  13. Gender sensitization – respect where it matters most
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