Community Radio Stations

Creating opportunities for Community Radio Stations to Share, Learn and Collaborate 

Community radio is acting as a community telephone for passing news and messages to the community. It has been built around the ideals of access and participation. Community Radio Stations have been run by locals for facilitating individuals, groups, and communities to tell their own diverse stories, to share experiences, and to become active creators and contributors of the community.  There are about 200 community radio stations in India. However, there is still a need to tap the unexplored potential of community radio stations.

Jadeite Solutions is building a platform that will help in unleashing the hidden potential of community radio stations. It will help CRS in mapping the existing experiences while identifying and addressing skill gaps by creating new opportunities.

Nearly 70% of the country’s population lives in rural areas and thus local grass-root content is relevant on a larger scale.  Our goal is to create opportunities for grass-root content creators to become effective knowledge providers. The platform is designed to enable, inspire and connect the community media practitioners across the country. Our idea is to help community media practitioners to share their work, exchange knowledge and ultimately learn and grow with each other.

India is the 7th largest country in the world by area with a large population and cultural diversity so one could well understand the problems that under-privileged groups face in getting their voices heard. Thus, we are trying to create a platform for wider representation to improve the huge rural-urban divide. It will help in making community programs conversations accessible locally, regionally and internationally. We are trying to build the gaps by empowering community media practitioners with relevant knowledge and skills.

The page is open for all the community radio stations to connect with one another, whether it is knowledge exchange, content sharing or co-creation, this platform can be used for the benefit of community people. We will upload your content in any form-videos audio, pictures with a program document so that any member of the community can access and share the story with like-minded people.

The platform will help the community radio stations to collaborate with each other or with other community media groups to co-create radio programs highlighting common needs and issues and challenges. We plan monthly activities that will allow everyone speak to each other thus making collaboration works for all. Webinars or workshops will be conducted on a range of different themes that will allow community media practitioners in different locations to share wide variety of local and social issues, challenges. The webinars or workshops will also focus on developing innovative idea, upgrading skills and learning new tools between community media practitioners, which will be supported by the experts from industry sharing their opinions and experiences.


  • Enable community media practitioners to market themselves and share ideas, success stories and ultimately learn and grow with each other
  • Enable them with project management, content management and financial and human resource management systems
  • Enhance the existing skills and capabilities of the grass-root content creators
  • Enhance the capacity of community media practitioners through productive collaborations with their peers
  • Enabling grass-root content creators to become effective knowledge providers
  • The platform supports engagement for commenting and participating in workshops, webinars to increase knowledge collaborations.

Community Radio Station: Ashwamegh Radio

Category: Agriculture & Rural Development
Place: Amravati, Maharashtra
Language: marathi

Community Radio station: Green FM 90.4

Category: Community Engagement and Development
Place: Sangli-Miraj & Kupwad, Maharashtra
Language: Marathi

Community Radio station:  Namma School Radio

Category:  Education & Talent Development
Place: Kolar, Karnataka
Language: Kannada

Community Radio station:  Radio Panzara 90.4FM

Category:  Folk and Culture
Place: Dhule, Maharashtra
Language: Marathi

Community Radio station: Sharada Radio Station – 90.8 MHz

Category:  Agriculture Development
Place: Baramati-Pune, Maharashtra
Language: Marathi

Community Radio station: Swaranant 90.4 MHZ

Category:  Agriculture & Livelihoods
Place: Washim, Maharashtra
Language: Marathi

7th Community Radio Sammelan 2019

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