Project management

Advanced Project Management

Focused workshop for practical application of PM concepts

People conversant with English language, past experience in project management (preferred), and fundamental knowledge and experience with project management tools

  1. To impart project management skills
  2. To create an awareness of project management best practices
  3. To create familiarity with knowledge areas, process groups and processes (PMBOK – PMI)
  • To learn how to plan and mange projects within the triple constraints of scope, budget and schedule.
  • Able to understand and use in actual scenario, the best practices in project management
  • Develop foundational understanding of project management concepts including knowledge areas, process groups and processes

After successful completion of the course, participants would be able to:

  • Relate actual experiences with project management best practices
  • Create a project charter for ongoing and new projects
  • Create an integrated projected management plan comprising inputs from various knowledge area
  • Ability to ensure that all important processes are considered in the integrated plan
  • Manage Stakeholder expectations through creating Stakeholder management plan; identifying stakeholders and managing/controlling stakeholder engagement
  • Understand communication requirements and create a communication plan; managing and controlling communications effective stakeholder engagement
  • Understand processes under scope management; implications of scope creep and gold plating and how to prevent them from happening
  • Understand processes under cost management; implications of cost overrun and how to keep track to project using EVM (Earned Value Management)
  • Understand processes under time management; adhering to schedules; mitigating risks, ensuring quality
  • Understand various aspects of resource management especially human resource
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