Training on Gamified Project Management

Jadeite Solutions Pvt Ltd, in collaboration with Simulation Powered Learning (SPL) are introducing simulation based project management training.


This training, aimed at practicing project managers, offers immense potential for increased learning and competence, by testing project management concepts/approaches in simulated business situations

WIFY – What’s in it for you?

  • Structured programme to cover key concepts of Project Management (as per PMBOK 6th Version)
  • Enhanced understanding of six major project management constraints
  • Hands on exercise in Budgeting/ Human Resource Planning
  • Introduction to Schedule Management and Critical Chain
  • Managing stakeholder relationships
  • Explores possibilities for improved risk management and optimizing systems and procedures
  • Engaging discussions on how to improve compliance and transparency
  • Managing resources and leadership
  • Simulation to internalize learning from the workshop

Great Value – Big Savings Offer

Standard Price Our Offer
$ 995 – gamification $100 – gamification license fee (training free)
$ 300 – virtual classes

$ 100 – virtual classes(66% discount) (3 month access)

$ 200 – classroom training $ 200 – classroom training
$1,495 – total $400 – total

Package also includes:

  • Free onsite demo class for corporate clients
  • Free demo – pre-assessment of competence
  • Extended hands-on support via email
The Standard Price for Simulation-Based Training (SBT) is $1495
Our Great Value package offer is for $360 which is 10% discount of our individual item offer, and 76% discount on the market price.

     Current Offerings: 

2-Days Gamified Project Management 4-Days Gamified Project Management
14 PDUs 35 PDUs
Online Simproject with real life scenario including 11 weeks, 7 tasks & 10 virtual people Online Simproject with real life scenario including 11 weeks, 7 tasks & 10 virtual people
3 trials for running the Simproject Question Bank
20 quizzes Online tutorial to understand 49 processes as per PMBOK 6th version
10 assignments 3 trials for running the Simproject
5 scenarios 16 assignments
Special registration offer: 12000 + GST 10 scenarios
20 quizzes
Special registration offer: 21000 + GST
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