Skill to Succeed program


India has more than 30 lakh non-profit organisations (NGOs) and community-based organisations (CBOs). With the boost of  ‘Startup India’, more than 2700 startups incorporated in 2017-2018, resulting to the total of 8625 starts up. Similarly, there are more 36 million micro, small and medium (MSME) enterprises in the country. All these institutions are expected not only to manage their finances, conduct their activities and but also bring out their deliverables in a professional manner, resulting to implementing projects are successfully. However, these institutions often do not have specific process and project management mechanism in place.

These institutions are not new in managing projects, but usually their approach is instinctive, driven by discussion, trial and error. This can lead to frustration for the parties involved. The principles of project management might be familiar to these institutions because many are practicing some of these principles on a daily basis already, but it is useful to have a discipline framework, with tools and techniques to enhance the existing capacity of these agencies/institutions. To achieve this effectively, it is necessary to improve the management of projects and implement customized process management framework and systems as per requirement of these institutions.

It has been shown in the private and government sectors that project management is a useful formal tool for organisations to run their projects more successfully. If these agencies and institutions are able to implement this approach it can improve development at a local level. This will benefit the communities that need service delivery the most.

About Skill to Succeed

‘Skills to Succeed’ program is an initiative of Jadeite Solutions to strengthen institutions’ capabilities, enhance their existing skills and enabling them to seize social and employment opportunities, and increasing productivity and enterprises.

We understand the need of better training for decent work environment and socially sustainable, fair growth. We provide formal & informal training, work-based learning, and leverage other learning opportunities in the formal and informal economies. We have focused on social sector for enabling inclusive growth. Thus, we have created a space for learners, who are interested in creating sustainable and socially relevant business practices, to develop necessary skill sets and access to easy to use and efficient tool kits.

The aim of the ‘Skill to Succeed’ is to analyze the learning points through AAR (After Action Reviews), where the performance is reviewed within the group and the reasons for failure or success are critically analyzed and shared among team members

Objectives of Skill to Succeed program

  • Enhance the existing skills and capabilities of the institutions
  • Create a networking platform for non-profit organisations, startups and micro and small enterprises to discuss, debate and share their experiences;
  • Create a conducive environment for stakeholders to initiate and design sustainable approaches and framework
  • Enable them to design their policies and processes in a structured manner to create sustainable and socially relevant business practices
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